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40. How to Encourage Positive Behavior with JoAnn Crohn from No Guilt Mom
Classroom Management 7th October 2022 • Educate & Rejuvenate: The Podcast • Kelsey Sorenson, Elementary Teacher, Homeschool Mom, and Life Coach
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Let’s get real. Raising kids can be challenging, especially during these current times. With so many behavior issues going on in the classroom and at home, it’s important to focus on their positive behaviors. In today’s episode, I have an open and vulnerable conversation with JoAnn Crohn from No Guilt Mom where we discuss kids and how to encourage positive behaviors to provoke change. 

JoAnn Crohn is a parenting educator who helps moms feel confident in everything from raising empowered, self-sufficient kids to dropping the anxiety and guilt out of modern parenthood. She's an accomplished writer, author, podcast host of the No Guilt Mom podcast, and founder of the company, No Guilt Mom. Her specialty is talking to both parents and kids, focused on kids handling big emotions, getting kids to help out more, creating a morning routine and conquering the homework drama.

While most of our episodes are geared toward teachers, this episode will benefit both parents and teachers. Throughout our conversation, we organically shift from discussing behavior issues within the classroom to within our own homes because we feel sharing those experiences will only benefit each other. 

Some of the main topics we discuss in the episode are what’s actually causing more behavior issues and how to come to some sort of resolution. JoAnn reiterates getting to the root of the problem, rather than seeing their challenging behavior overall. Once that’s learned, we can then assess on how to better encourage positive behavior. JoAnn also suggests encouraging those types of behaviors through example and focusing on yourself to benefit your students or kids. 

A unique topic discussed was the way we were raised versus how we’re raising our own kids. Or simply said, how things are different then versus now, pertaining to the classroom as well. We want you to stop and think about if the things you’re doing are really improving their behavior or not. Instead, in order to encourage positive behaviors with kids, building relationships, listening, and allowing them to express their emotions will all lead to improved and positive behaviors.

As educators, we’re seeing gaps in students academically and socially, which are ultimately affecting their behaviors in the classroom and at home. As educators and parents, we want to close those gaps by encouraging positive behaviors. JoAnn is a wealth of knowledge in this area, so you are sure to gain some perspective, tips, and strategies on how to encourage positive behaviors amongst our students and kids.

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