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41. 10 Spelling Activities & Games Kids Will Love
Classroom Activities 14th October 2022 • Wife Teacher Mommy: The Podcast • Kelsey Sorenson, Elementary Teacher, Homeschool Mom, and Life Coach
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One of my favorite things we do at Wife Teacher Mommy with creating resources is making mundane activities exciting and engaging for students. Because let’s be real, there are some concepts that students need to learn, but aren’t engaging enough. Therefore, we have a real treat for you today that will enhance your literacy content. In today’s episode, I’m sharing 10 spelling activities and games that your students will love. 

Before getting into the actual spelling activities and games, it’s important to know the why behind the practices and how to effectively teach those instructional practices. A key component to meaningful spelling practice is the understanding and use of phonemic and phonological awareness, which are two ideas that I provide background knowledge on during the episode. Having that understanding helps students build reading skills, along with the relationship between letters and sounds. 

Creating meaningful and engaging activities increases your students’ knowledge and interest level, which is exactly what these 10 spelling activities and games will be for your students. While some of these activities are designed through Wife Teacher Mommy resources, many others you can take and implement in your classroom today! The 10 spelling activities and games kids will love are:

  1. Spin & spell
  2. Vowels & consonants
  3. Writing words in alphabetical order
  4. Word boxes
  5. Holiday & seasonal spelling lists
  6. Word focus
  7. Roll it
  8. Trivia cards
  9. Shaving cream spelling
  10. Playdough word

Long are the days where spelling is all about memorization. We now have a better understanding of best instructional practices, which are integrated in these 10 spelling activities and activities. Each activity helps students practice and dissect words in a meaningful way. Once implemented in your classroom, your students will not only learn, but have fun while doing it!

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