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17. Alyssa Chan-Evangelista on: Why You Should Stop Neglecting Your Own Social Media Accounts
Most loved episodes Episode 1724th March 2023 • Social Media Manager Confidential • Shanté Gorman, Mentor for Social Media Managers
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Are you ready to walk the walk? If you’re wondering if it is okay to neglect your own social media accounts because you are swarmed by your clients’ accounts - think again! 

In this episode, Shante is joined by Alyssa Chan-Evangelista, founder of Inspired Media, who has a fresh perspective on social media management. Alyssa dives into the tips to level up your own social media to attract the clients that see your value when you propose a price when working together. 

Listen to hear the benefits of treating your account like it’s your own, and how this habit can build your rapport with new clients who are looking for results that you’re sharing!

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