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49 Shift Your Reality
What is my purpose? 9th April 2021 • Teen Catalyst • Ken Eash
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It's easy to get caught up in just living life, and letting things happen how they happen. While that’s the easy thing to do in the moment, it doesn’t do anything to intentionally create a life we LOVE living. You can fumble your way through a life and career you don’t enjoy, saving up for retirement along the way to try and enjoy the last few years of your life.

But wouldn’t you rather live your WHOLE life as a happy healthy thriving human, rather than wait till you reach the moving target of retirement age to live on bare minimum income while servicing medical bills at the same time?

It’s time to SHIFT your reality.

Rather than thinking about what kind of career you want to get into, ask yourself what you see yourself doing in 15 years, if you could do anything you want.

What does that look like for you? Are you doing a lot of traveling? Do you live on a beach somewhere? Maybe you’re a CEO for a multinational corporation.

Whatever that thing is for you, you can make it happen. It just takes focus, planning, and intentional action. 

So answer this question for yourself:

"If I could do anything I wanted, what would I be doing in 15 years"?

Actually take some time, sit down with a pen and paper, or computer if that's your thing. But go through the exercise. Think of 25 things you LOVE doing, 25 things you absolutely do NOT want to do, then come up with 5 ways to do more of what you love, 5 ways to eliminate some things you don’t like. Going through this process will change your mindset towards what’s possible in your life. Shift your mindset, shift your reality. 

If you’re having trouble knowing where to get started answering that question for yourself, reach out to me and I’ll walk you through it. Just send an email to, or reach out on FB or MeWe.

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