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Human Resources Playlist from Business Confidential Now Business Confidential Now with Hanna Hasl-Kelchner - Business Confidential Now with Hanna Hasl-Kelchner EPISODE 24, 17th June 2021
Could Hiring Autonomous Workers be Smart for Your Business?
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Could Hiring Autonomous Workers be Smart for Your Business?

Autonomous Workers

Autonomous workers. Are they the key to your business success in a post-Covid world? Are they different from remote workers? Do they help or hurt your bottom line?

Explore these important questions and concept of autonomous workers from a leadership perspective with special guest, Hannah Genton, co-founder of CGL LLP.

What You’ll Discover About Autonomous Workers:

* The difference between autonomous workers and remote workers [01:44]

* How autonomous workers stay focused on results [03:19]

* Thoughts on recruiting autonomous workers [04:26]

* How autonomous workers still collaborate with colleagues [05:45]

* How to establish accountability for autonomous workers [07:02]

* Why autonomous workers experience more employee engagement [09:40]

* Tips for embracing a business culture that includes autonomous workers [11:52]

* How autonomous workers reflect diverse demographics and psychographics [15:53]

* And MUCH more.

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Guest: Hannah Genton

After years of toiling at Big Law firms where attorneys were constantly overworked in tight, rigid office environments, today’s guest Hannah Genton co-founded CGL LLP. She wanted to reimagine the legal workspace and give freedom, flexibility and autonomy to her staff.

So what she created is a fully distributed transactional law firm that provides clients Big Law quality legal services at competitive rates while at the same time delivering a greater work/life balance for their attorneys and staff.

The result is a vibrant, successful law firm that provides high quality legal services in an environment that meets the varying needs of their employees.

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