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Content Repurposing Essentials The Content 10x Podcast - Amy Woods EPISODE 154, 8th October 2020
6 Reasons Why You’re Avoiding Content Repurposing (And How To Stop!)
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6 Reasons Why You’re Avoiding Content Repurposing (And How To Stop!)

Are you a content creator who knows that repurposing would be great for their content strategy? But you just can’t find the motivation to start?

It’s a bit like exercise. You know that it’ll be good for you and that the long-term benefits are going to be invaluable, but when it comes to the crunch, you find excuses not to do it, struggle with the motivation to keep going, or even feel defeated before you’ve started.

Do you know why you feel this way? And have you thought about how you can change it?

In this podcast episode, I break down six common reasons why people aren’t repurposing their content and talk about how you can approach these challenges with confidence and motivation.

Listen to the episode to learn:

  • What stops people from content repurposing and the reasons why
  • How to motivate yourself to realize your existing content’s potential
  • Why changing your mindset about investing in content could be a game-changer for you and your business

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