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Overcoming Struggle: You Must Pivot [THA 369]
Leadership Insights Episode 36929th February 2024 • Remarkable Results Radio Podcast • Carm Capriotto, AAP
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Culture, Leadership, and Growth: This episode isn't just about the nuts and bolts. It's about the heart and soul of business—people, leadership, and culture. Shari Pheasant and Kenny Wedow don't just share their successes; they get real about the struggles, too. They've both seen firsthand how the right climate can turbocharge a team's performance and drive success. Shari Pheasant, Horse Power Strategies. Shari’s previous episodes HERE  Kenny Wedow, Fine Tuned Auto, 4 locations, Colorado. Kenny’s other episodes HERE
Show Notes:
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  • Kenny Wedow's Business Growth (00:02:17) Kenny Wedow shares his experience of growing his business from a single store to four locations.
  • The Gift of Struggle (00:02:41) Discussion of the book "The Gift of Struggle" by Bobby Herrera and the definition of struggle.
  • Kenny's Business Struggles (00:03:47) Kenny discusses the challenges he faced in the early stages of his business and his determination to overcome them.
  • People First Philosophy (00:04:34) Shari emphasizes the importance of focusing on people and teamwork in overcoming challenges and driving business success.
  • Leadership and Culture (00:05:43) Shari discusses the significance of leadership and culture in driving business growth and success.
  • Reflecting on Mistakes (00:06:29) Shari emphasizes the importance of learning from mistakes and using scientific data to understand human behavior.
  • Changing Company Culture (00:07:56) Kenny talks about making significant changes to the company culture and the impact it had on business growth.
  • Leadership and Climate (00:09:49) Discussion about the difference between culture and climate in a business and the importance of aligning them.
  • Hiring and Culture (00:11:45) Kenny shares the impact of hiring the right people on the business and the importance of cultural fit in interviews.
  • Money and Energy (00:15:14) Shari discusses the concept of money as energy and its impact on financial situations and business decisions.
  • Pivoting and Adapting to Change (00:17:21) The importance of being open to change and pivoting quickly in business.
  • Leadership and Making Mistakes (00:19:55) Shari and Kenny share their experiences with making mistakes and the importance of admitting and learning from them.
  • Employee Engagement and Company Growth (00:20:43) Kenny talks about engaging employees and investing in company-wide training to drive growth and success.
  • Overcoming Struggles and Embracing Change (00:21:36) Overcoming struggles and the importance of embracing change to drive business success.
  • Learning from Mistakes and Taking Risks (00:25:15) Kenny shares his experience of learning from mistakes and taking risks to drive business growth.
  • Embracing Failure and Moving Forward (00:28:09) Shari shares a story of failure and how it ultimately led to greater success, emphasizing the importance of pivoting and moving forward.
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