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QAJ1.1 Purpose and Path • Sam MacLean
Qiological Audio Journal 001 Episode 20522nd June 2021 • Qiological Podcast • Michael Max
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“What is my purpose? Why am I here?” These are questions that we all grapple with at one time or another in our personal and professional lives. But finding the right answers is often elusive—mainly because our focus tends to be narrow and we fail to ask the right questions.

In this discussion, we welcome back Sam MacLean to delve into the topic of knowing your path, drawing on her experiences. Sam previously worked in the corporate world helping businesses with their purpose. But following certain situations that changed the trajectory of her life, she transitioned to her passion of connecting with horses.

Listen in on this conversation with Sam—in which we discuss and share some insightful tips on self-awareness, the impact of culture, knowing who we are, and the rightness of our paths.



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