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Love Is...Patient and Kind
Love Is... Episode 7228th September 2021 • Speaking of Grace • WholeLife Productions
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Love Is…Patient and Kind – Ken Wetmore

What are you willing to suffer for another person? Patience is defined as being “ able to accept or tolerate delays, problems, or suffering without becoming annoyed or anxious.” Certainly, this is something we see displayed in Jesus' life. Today, Jesus is asking his family to be patient with family members who make life difficult. The Good News is this is a gift of the Holy Spirit for those who ask.

#WholeLifeReflections for this week:

  • With whom do you struggle to be patient in your life?
  • Without placing the blame on the other person(s), why do you think you are impatient with them?
  • How could you be kind to this person(s)?
  • Stop and pray for the person(s) you’ve been thinking of, and ask God to help you be patient and kind in your relationship with them.

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NEXT WEEK 10/2/21: ‘Love Is…Not Jealous’ by Ken Wetmore

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