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A Parent's Guide to Autism and Potty Training (S6E54)
Potty Training Episode 5411th December 2023 • The Autism Dad • Rob Gorski
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My guest today is Molly Johnson, otherwise known as The Autism Consultant. She’s here to share some potty training tips and tricks and help us better understand, as well as navigate this toileting journey.

Guest Expert:

Molly Johnson, The Autism Consultant:

Molly Johnson, the founder of The Autism Consultant, initially worked as an autism classroom teacher. Her experience there sparked a deeper interest in supporting parents dealing with autism.

- Podcast Launch: In 2020, Molly launched "The Autism Consultant Podcast." This weekly podcast offers practical advice and insights on autism, quickly becoming a favored resource for parents.

- Virtual Consulting Services: Following the podcast's success, Molly expanded her reach with virtual consulting services. She assists parents globally, focusing on:

  •  Potty training

  •  Behavior management

  •  Increasing independence

- Collaborative Approach: The essence of Molly's consultancy is the emphasis on collaboration with parents. She believes in the synergy of teamwork between consultants and parents.

- Membership Program: Through The Autism Consultant Membership, Molly fosters a supportive community, encouraging parents to actively engage and collaborate in their autism care journey.

Connect with Molly:

Hosted by Rob Gorski:

Rob Gorski, a devoted single father to three incredible autistic sons, is the Founder and CEO of The Autism Dad, LLC. As a multi-award-winning blogger, podcaster, content creator, and influential social media figure for over a decade, Rob continues to share his family's journey, providing insights, resources, and support to the autism community.

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