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Becoming a LEAN Technician [RR 520]
Technician Training Comittment Episode 52020th March 2020 • Remarkable Results Radio Podcast • Carm Capriotto, AAP
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Jarrod Alexander from BG Automotive, Fort Collins, CO.

Jarrod shares his experience with his first-ever training seminar on becoming a 'LEAN' technician.


Key Talking Points:

  • Technician to trainer at ASA ColoradoAlways strives to be efficient technician, servicing customers
  • Started to have health issues- forced to slow down and work smarter not harder
  • Owner signed Jarrod up to teach- always wanted to teach and felt honored
  • Attended over 100 training classes as a participant
  • Nervous and terrified for the first 15 minutes of first class then experience clicked in and felt very comfortable and natural- positive interaction with participants
  • “How to be a lean technician”Finding the times when you’re losing 5-15 mins in between parts/work orders/overstepping sold diagnostic times
  • Look forward through the process before you start- have systems and processes in place prior, preplanned
  • Organize toolbox and environment around you to manage time- everything has a home
  • Takes the support of the entire team to make it work
  • The goal of the class was to have it interactive with the involvement of participants
  • In an 8 hour day if you save 5-10mins an hour you end up with an extra 45 mins to do another job or inspection


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