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Menopause in the Workplace – The Business Case for being a Menopause Friendly Workplace
Family Friendly Workplaces Podcast Series 3rd June 2021 • Parents At Work Podcast • Parents At Work
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Menopause has traditionally been seen as a private matter or ‘a women’s issue’ and is not openly discussed in workplaces, with very few having any policies, adjustments or support programs in place. This can mean that many women hide their symptoms due to the fear of discrimination or stigma with some even leaving the workplace through lack of support. In fact a recent report stated that 1 in 4 women considered quitting their jobs during the menopausal transition, often when they are at the height of their career.

With organisations investing in gender equality outcomes, as well as health and wellbeing – why has the link not been made yet to supporting women (as well as trans gender and non-binary people) through menopause.

In this podcast Fiona Hitchiner, I am the Customer Experience Director at Parents At Work chats to Thea O’Connor, senior advisor on workplace wellbeing and productivity and founder of Menopause@work to discuss how to become a menopause friendly workplace.

 For your interest here are the links to her programs: 


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