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215. The Coachception Phenomenon: Coaches Coaching Coaches
Cult Coaching 22nd November 2021 • The Critically Conscious Coach • Ruthie Bowles
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On today’s Marketing Monday, we're going to be talking about The Coachception Phenomenon: Coaches Coaching Coaches.

Have you ever heard of MLM coaching or that they're coaches who coach coaches on how to get more clients?

In this episode, we'll dive right into what's MLM coaching, as well as the things you should know about coaches who try to get people into their funnel and teach them the strategy of "learn how to coach people on how to become coaches and get clients".

So if you're a coach, consultant, or service-based business owner who wants to use Ethical Marketing in their business strategy and get rid of the Gurus that coach you on how to teach others for the sake of getting clients - then tap play, and let's dive right in.

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