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Triumph Through Tragedy - Part 1 - Miracle Healings
Triumph Through Tragedy Episode 17th February 2022 • Wilkerson Family Library • World Challenge, Inc.
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Welcome to season four of the Wilkerson Family Library audiobook series.   

This season we’re featuring Triumph Through Tragedy.

David Wilkerson experienced countless challenges and victories during his many decades in ministry. He shared some of those struggles publicly, in this book we present the testimony of others who have endured many trials.

In this audio book you’ll hear stories from believers who lost children, some faced cancer and were miraculously healed, others were abandoned or faced other hardships.

The common thread through all their testimonies is the faithful presence and grace of God in their lives, even as they faced their human frailties and questioned him.

In part one, we hear stories of miracle healings.

Triumph Through Tragedy is brought to you by World Challenge, Transforming Lives Through the Message and Mission of Jesus Christ. 


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