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Wealth 3.0 - with The Ultra High Net Worth Institute
Family Wealth Episode 111th September 2023 • The Family Business Podcast • Russ Haworth
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Regular listeners of the show will be familiar with all of my guests on this weeks show.

I am joined by Jim Grubman, Denis Jaffe and Kristin Keffeler as they discuss their new book - Wealth 3.0 - The Future of Family Wealth Advising.

In this episode we cover some of the key areas of focus within the book and what it means for families of wealth and in particular those that advise them.

This episode is a special collaborative episode with The Ultra High Net Worth Institute in preparation for the launch of their very own podcast later this year.

I will keep you all updated on that as and when we approach release date.

If you are unfamiliar with the the work that the Institute does I highly recommend that you check out their website:

All four of the speakers on the show are involved in the Institute and we are all very strong advocates for the thought leadership that comes from the Institute, the events that they run and the opportunity for individuals or firms across the globe to contribute to the future of wealth advising for UHNW families.

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The podcast is entirely self-funded by me. I am not looking for sympathy as it is something that I love to do and I have a passion for providing great content for family businesses across the world. Some listeners have asked for ways in which they can support the show, be that through reviews, sharing with friends or a donation. As such I have set up a page that outlines all the ways that you can support what I am doing.

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