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Who's really the snowflake? With Diane Hall & Chris Allsopp
The Mindset Collection Episode 16th March 2022 • The Instructor • Terry Cook
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It's season 3!!

And what better way to kick off the show than with Diane Hall and Chris Allsopp as we dive into the snowflake generation. We discuss:

  • What is the definition of a snowflake?
  • Are millennials really too sensitive ?
  • What we can do to start helping those that are struggling.
  • How being 'over parented' can lead to anxiety.
  • The mistakes I've made.
  • And more...

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Diane Hall is an advanced Thought Field Therapist and an ADI with 20 years experience. Diane has helped 100's of learner drivers and driving instructors conquer their fears and manage their nerves.

Chris Allsopp is a psychotherapist with 20 years experience with CAMHS (Children and Adult Mental Health Services). Chris is also a qualified driving instructor.

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