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Author chat with Kenda Macdonald
ATOMICON authors Episode 1413th March 2019 • The Editing Podcast • Louise Harnby (fiction editor) and Denise Cowle (non-fiction editor)
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In this bonus episode of The Editing Podcast, Denise and Louise talk to Kenda Macdonald, a behavioural marketing specialist and CEO of Automation Ninjas. She is also the author of Hack the Buyer Brain.


  • Indie publishing
  • Finding and working with an editor
  • Respecting and retaining author voice
  • The importance of author/editor trust
  • Working with beta readers
  • Using negative feedback to write better
  • Framing editorial feedback respectfully
  • Author tip: Building a support network

Talk to Kenda

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  • Hack the Buyer Brain:

Denise and Louise

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