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Should I Optimise My Podcast For Voice Search?
Podcast SEO 101 Episode 2034th September 2020 • The Podcast Accelerator: How to Grow Your Podcast • Mark Asquith
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Google started indexing podcasts waaaay back in 2019. Lots has changed since then, including the continued rise of voice search. Whether it's Alexa, Cortana, Siri or just plain old 'Google', should you optimise your podcast episodes for voice search, and what's the best way to make sure your content actually shows up when people ask for it?

Welcome to The Podcast Accelerator, the thrice-weekly show that brings you podcast education, industry insights and straight-talking reactions to podcasting news.

I’m your host Mark Asquith, The British Podcast Guy and CEO and co-founder of Rebel Base Media, the podcast tech company that creates the Podcast Success Academy, Podcast Websites, Poductivity, Rebel Base Studios &, the world’s only growth-oriented podcast host where you can get your first month of podcast hosting for just one dollar and transfer an existing podcast in, completely free.

Thank you so much for joining me on the Podcast Accelerator, remember to tell your podcasting friends that the show is available to listen to for free in any app that supports podcasts and if you’re wondering what the best next step to take for your own podcast is, whether you’re a new or veteran podcaster, go and take our short, five minute survey where I’ll help you to diagnose the main issue holding your show and your podcast growth back and give you access to our free, vibrant Podcast Rebellion community, weekly free group coaching from me, actionable and insider-only emails and even a free invitation to The Podcast Success Academy - invest five minutes now to grow your podcast by heading to

Don’t forget the more you expect from yourself, the more you WILL excel!

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