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Video Repurposing The Content 10x Podcast - Amy Woods EPISODE 176, 11th March 2021
The Visual Lounge, Livestreaming & Repurposing with Matt Pierce
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The Visual Lounge, Livestreaming & Repurposing with Matt Pierce

What type of content gets the best repurposing ROI?

One type of content sits at the very top of the content pyramid. It gives you the most repurposing opportunities of all, can keep you accountable, and can build a rapport with your audience like no other…livestream video.

But don’t take my word for it! TechSmith, one of our incredible clients at Content 10x, has seen firsthand how powerful repurposing livestream video can be. Their weekly show, The Visual Lounge, is a perfect example of just how much content can come from one livestream video…and the impact it can have on growing your audience.

Matt Pierce, TechSmith’s Learning and Video Ambassador and host of The Visual Lounge, joins me on this episode to share his top tips on how to start creating videos and why help content can establish you as a thought leader.

Find out about:

  • How creating great videos help you get known in your industry
  • What 3 things you need to start making videos
  • Why livestream video is the best content for repurposing

Important Links & Mentions:

To watch the video, or read the blog post, click here.

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