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How to repurpose content for paid social with Jonathan Bland
Video Repurposing Episode 27720th April 2023 • The Content 10x Podcast • Amy Woods
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Do you repurpose your video content for paid social? It’s often overlooked as the marketing team chase after the next piece of content. However, instead of moving on once your video or webinar is done, why not repurpose the highlights into social videos and use them to drive more traffic via paid social campaigns? 

In this episode of the Content 10x podcast, our host Amy Woods talks to co-founder of Omni Lab, Jonathan Bland. Jonathan is a vocal advocate for repurposing and in this conversation they focus on how repurposing can 10x the impact of your webinars, what makes good ad creative and how to repurpose content for paid social.  

Find out:  

  • How to repurpose a webinar into social media videos and ads 
  • How to run effective ads to dramatically improve the ROI of your webinar  
  • What makes an ad stand out and the types of ads that work 

Important links & mentions: 

Amy Woods is the CEO and founder of Content 10x, the world’s first and longest-running specialist content repurposing agency that partners exclusively with B2B tech and professional services businesses. 

Amy is a best-selling author, hosts two content marketing podcasts (The Content 10x Podcast and B2B Content Strategist), and speaks on stages all over the world about the power of content repurposing. 

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