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How to Repurpose a Video into Social Media Content
Video Repurposing Episode 22310th February 2022 • The Content 10x Podcast • Amy Woods
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Could your long-form videos become awesome social media videos? It might sound like a stretch, but with some repurposing magic, your videos could have the potential to soar on social media.

Social media is a landscape that’s always changing, and no format is more fluctuant than video. In this episode, I revisit my recommendations and advice for repurposing your videos to social media platforms. Hear the social media video options to find the one that suits your videos best, my best video repurposing practices, and more.

Find out about:

  • Video types perfect for repurposing to social media
  • The different organic social media video options
  • The process for repurposing videos for social media (plus tool recommendations)

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