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Metaphysical & Woo Balance Shared - Michelle Lasley EPISODE 22, 20th January 2021
Raising the Consciousness of Humanity with Samantha Gillis

Raising the Consciousness of Humanity with Samantha Gillis

Introduction to Episode

Samantha Gillis takes light workers and morphs them into light warriors, raising the consciousness of humanity. 

Podcast Episode Summary

Samantha, mother of two, works with individuals who feel trapped in mediocrity and want to tap into their purpose. She brings people to a “5th Dimension Future” where they learn how to live a life of ease that is in alignment with their true selves. 


  • Restart at 10 seconds
  • Use 5 affirmations to start your day 
  • I am power. 
  • I am control. 
  • I am awareness.
  • I am creating. 
  • I am money. 
  • Use Samantha’s scrapbooking technique
  • Envision your life when you are 80 years old
  • Build a path infusing empathy and imagery that works backwards to build the life you want

Recommended Resources

For more information about Michelle, Balance Shared, events, and projects, please visit www.michellelasley.com

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