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LinkedIn Repurposing The Content 10x Podcast - Amy Woods EPISODE 26, 12th April 2018
How to Repurpose Content on LinkedIn with Cathy Wassell
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How to Repurpose Content on LinkedIn with Cathy Wassell

This week on the podcast I talk about LinkedIn with Cathy Wassell.

Cathy is a marketing strategist with 20 years' experience who now specialises in social media marketing, strategy and paid ads. I have been really keen to talk about LinkedIn for quite some time. It’s a platform that is really growing in popularity and evolving. It’s not a boring and stuffy corporate site anymore, it’s actually becoming a lot more sociable and people are engaging more with each other than ever before.

On the podcast we discussed:

  • Why LinkedIn can be great platform for small businesses and entrepreneurs
  • The type of content that is working well on LinkedIn
  • Tips for repurposing blog posts and video content onto LinkedIn
  • The importance of having a strong profile
  • How LinkedIn differs to other social media platforms 

If you’re interested in finding out more about how you can make you content work on LinkedIn, don’t miss this episode.

Find out more by clicking here.  

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