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002 Birthday Wake Up Calls
Favourite Episodes Episode 224th November 2022 • Positively Influential with Anna Parker-Naples • Anna Parker-Naples
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Today, on my 45th birthday, I want to highlight how much can change in a year when you need to strip things back. No matter who you are, you can fall, you can crumble, but you can pick yourself up again. Over the last few months, we have rebranded a lot of my business from the Podcast Agency and Anna Parker-Naples Limited to Influential Audio.

I'm going to share today with you the most vulnerable, honest and raw stuff that I've ever shared in my five years of podcasting - what I've learned, who I'm choosing to be and how I'm choosing to show up as I become more and more visible.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Where to turn when you feel the wake up call
  • How to face your vulnerable period so you can heal yourself
  • How to prepare for influences that bring you forward
  • Why you need to be thankful for what the crisis has showed you

Wake up calls are important and they can come in all shapes and sizes. One of my biggest learnings over the last 18 months was that I've realised that deep connection friendship matters. 

And we are planning, with every event that we have, the ability for you to meet other people on the same wavelength. You can find out about our first live event and get the ticket at


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