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Smart Ways to Promote Your Business Expertise for Better Results
Marketing Playlist from Business Confidential Now Episode 212th August 2021 • Business Confidential Now with Hanna Hasl-Kelchner • Business Confidential Now with Hanna Hasl-Kelchner
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How do your promote your business expertise without going over the top or underselling yourself?

Whether you’re an employee taking your career to the next level or an entrepreneur looking to stand out from the crowd, today’s guest is a business connection specialist who will answer those questions and more . . . she even has (free) gift for our listeners that she’ll tell us about at the end of the program . . . stay tuned.

What You’ll Discover About How to Promote Your Business Expertise (highlights & transcript):

* How to get started getting free publicity to promote your business expertise [02:48]

* Promote your business expertise to advance your career [05:00]

* How to use a Power Bio to promote your business expertise [06:59]

* How a Power Bio differs from a LinkedIn bio [08:30]

* Mistakes to avoid when trying to promote your business expertise [11:11]

* How to redirect a question you don’t want to answer in an interview [12:55]

* How media training can help promote your business expertise [15:11]

* How you as a business owner can promote your business expertise [16:02]

* And MUCH more.

Guest: Shannon Gronich

Shannon Gronich has successfully attained over $3.2M in FREE publicity and is notorious for being the owner of the “Million Dollar Rolodex” and teaching others how to do the same. She has trained and coached thousands of individuals in marketing, event production, business development, and personal growth.

Shannon is also the creator of a magnetic community – the Business Acceleration Network, where she guides businesses to build a successful enterprise while having fun and making lots of money. She brings together social entrepreneurs, visionaries, and new thought leaders that want to collaborate, create a better world, and focus on prosperity so that they can pay it forward to make a positive impact. She appeared on television, radio, and in the press and she has co-authored the “Law of Business Attraction – The Secret of Cooperative Success,” an Amazon #1 best seller with T Harv Eker of the Millionaire Mind.

She is also the author of Media Magic.

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