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CPIN series | Consumers and standards BSI Education Podcast - BSI Education EPISODE 30, 7th June 2021
CPIN series | Episode 3 | Consumer vulnerability
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CPIN series | Episode 3 | Consumer vulnerability

Part of the BSI Education Podcast - Consumers and standards series - in association with CPIN - the consumer and public interest network.

Vulnerability has risen up the consumer protection agenda in recent years. The UN Guidelines for Consumer Protection, revised in 2015, cite the protection of vulnerable and disadvantaged consumers as a key principle to be considered by governments, policymakers and businesses.

In this third episode of the series we hear from CPIN Chair Julie Hunter, Julie Walker from Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks, Martin Coppack from Fair By Design and Caroline Lewis from Access Design Solutions. We discuss how CPIN and standards play a vital role in improving outcomes for vulnerable consumers.

The BSI Education Podcast is hosted by Matthew Chiles – Educational Development Manager at BSI and Cindy Parokkil – International Projects Manager at BSI.

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