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89: Explode Your Sales with Richard Moore (Part 2)
Episode 8916th March 2020 • Business Breakthrough • Estie Rand
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Want to explode your sales? You need to understand what the win is. What are your customers really buying when they hand over the dollars for your product or service?

In this episode, Richard Moore, founder of Entrepreneur Business Live explains the ins and outs of sales- the proper way so that you can understand how to build a real sales funnel that works for your business.

We also discuss Richard's struggle of getting people to take his initiative and move forward with it. Join us for an incredible episode packed with value, and practical business tips.

My Guest: Richard Moore

Richard Moore originally worked 60 hour weeks in the City of London, before deciding to build his own businesses and help others do the same. After building companies from the trenches up, by taking ownership of sales teams, coaching leadership roles and consulting with multi-hundred million-pound organizations, Richard created his own company to help others get massive traction as they launched their businesses.

Now, Richard has brought to life the Entrepreneur Business Live events series. Operating across the globe, in London, New York, San Francisco, Toronto, Melbourne, Barcelona and many more, “EBLive” has been rewriting the way networking events are built and are able to “do good”. By creating a community first and then providing them with world-class speakers, a networking space and making donations to approved Charity Partners, impact is being felt not just by those that attend but also those less able; served by charities.

Richard has since been featured in Forbes, The Huffington Post, Inc, Thrive, Influencive, Humans 2.0 Podcast and many others.

Episode Highlights:

[04:11] My daughter was born, and she was born needing major surgery within 24 hours and basically she tried to die a lot within the first couple of months. We literally lived in the hospital. It was like "Will you stop, this is really scary."

[07:57] I'm like, "Okay, dude. Time for you to take over." I'm going to be a mom I had three kids at the time already. After three weeks I finished every project I could possibly do. I was bored out of my mind and I was like, "What in the world am I going to do with my life?"

[21:15] The holy grail of running your own business is flexibility. It's not money, it's not working less hours. You will probably be working more hours, and to start with, you'll have no money.

[33:30] I think that if I look at the last two years, the feature has been automate and outsource wherever possible. Everything from having a cleaner for our house all the way through to the video production..

[42:29] Selling is about explaining what the wins are for someone, not how your product works, or what it is, because buyers actually just want the magic. When you buy a Ferrari, what you're buying is attention, the feeling of success. You're not buying the fact that there's a particular type of stitching on the steering wheel or where the fuse box is.

[54:17] My struggle is getting them to a place where people are like, I want to do one... is moving from "Well, it probably should have Richard there" or "Richard needs to be there to orchestrate it" to getting out the way. I don't want it to be about Richard, it's not the Richard Moore Show at all.



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