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RV Maintenance Tips and Information for the DIY - Eric Stark 3rd August 2019
↓ Making Good Purchases and Not Throwing Away Cash!
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↓ Making Good Purchases and Not Throwing Away Cash!

Brand X Wrinkled Fabric

Brand X Wrinkle RV Fabric

Installed with Wrinkles

Episode 50 was produced out of frustration that companies make products that in my opinion are a dis-service to the RV Community and a frustration to the end user or the RV'er. As I said this is my opinion! The subject matter for today's episode is a RV Awning Fabric that I will call Brand X, I choose not to call the company out in this episode. The pictures say a mouthful about the fabric.

I will only recommend 3 brands that I feel meet the standards that make a good fabric. Solera by Lippert, A&E by Dometic, Carefree of Colorado. These 3 stand far above Brand X when it comes to quality and ease of installation with accurate instructions. I have never seen instructions such as Brand X, they sabotage an A&E installation for sure. I have installed 1000's of RV Awning Fabrics and have never seen a fabric like this!

The point of the episode is not just about RV Awning Fabrics and making good purchases, it is a principle that can be applied to anything you purchase for your RV or anything in general. Do your research and don't purchase by price, make your purchases based on quality and price. Sometimes a better product is not always the highest price! But sometimes the cheapest price is the lowest quality!

Listen to Episode 50 to learn more about a poor quality fabric and how to make great purchase decisions.

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