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Brian Moody from Montana’s AERO talks about the 2019 AERO Expo coming in October in interview 295
23rd September 2019 • GREEN Organic Garden Podcast • Jackie Marie Beyer
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Brian Moody shares his passion for organic food gardening and AERO Montana in this must listen interview. A rockstar millennial to boot, he worked at Terra Birds in Arizona where Reagon Emmons worked as well. Listen to my interview with her here as well.

Tell us a little about yourself.

East of Yellowstone in Wyoming

avid gardeners

looking back on it is pretty impressive now all throughout the rocky mountain

early and late frosts lots of other challenges

I remember growing up and eating fresh carrots and peas from the garden, big influence on me.

We moved around quite a bit

moving back to Montana and then

Flagstaff, Arizona ~ down there, I gained a whole other perspective on farming

indigenous folks down there and hopi people. Learning about how they farm and gardenI I never had my own farm or garden business

How do we connect with you?

you can connect though my work email

a lot of what


gardening comes into that

been around since 1974

comes out of the early years of AERO

original founders

alternatives of how to generate electricity

wind turbines

educate folks about alternative

in the 80s added the sustainable agriculture side

changes and shifts

AERO’s newest focus

alternative energy and agriculture come together

strong community food systems

production distribution

dealing with food waste

local scale

so much of our energy use comes from producing and shipping food

strong local food systems

deal with energy use as well

AERO is focused on doing workshops and meetings and communities

where their food comes from

all of the above

  • when you make food peelings
  • stuff that doesn’t get put in
  • food leftover in meals
  • school cafeterias and hospitals
  • anything we don’t eat
  • doesn’t get sold in grocery stores

directly from farmers


past its expiration date

food waste comes out of commodity food system doesn’t make it to market

  • never makes it to the market
  • food that goest to waste

The food system is so complex – food sates conversation gets pretty complicated

personal use


lots of different ways

feeding it to livestock

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