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083: How to Turn Around a Failing Culture, with Rob DiTota
Episode 8324th April 2023 • Leadership Jam Session • Rob Fonte
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In this episode, I sit with Rob DiTota, vice president of US commercial for a large medical device organization and has over 25 years of healthcare experience with 15 years of leadership experience. Rob has a unique background where you will hear him talk about his leadership experience as an officer in the fire services, as well as his leadership experience in the corporate world. I think you'll find tremendous value in hearing him talk about his thoughts on team culture and his approach to how he turned around challenged cultures into great ones.


  • Culture is your values and behaviors. It drives the vision and mission of the organization
  • To diagnose cultural issues, first ensure that everyone is on the same page with your definition of culture
  • Transparency and trust is critically important in building teams, building a culture, and driving performance
  • When working through tasks of turning around culture, decentralize the command. This means give your team the autonomy to make decisions on their own; to lead
  • Keep things simple. The more complexity you add to your strategy and leadership style the higher the likelihood things don't get done
  • Don't be afraid to own your mistakes. You don't become a strong leader without challenges, obstacles, and failures
  • Act as one team! 



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