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The Real Estate Sessions - Bill Risser EPISODE 268, 26th January 2021
Episode 268 – Greg Robertson, Co-founder W&R Studios, founders of Cloud CMA
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Episode 268 – Greg Robertson, Co-founder W&R Studios, founders of Cloud CMA

Our guest today has been in the real estate technology industry for twenty-eight years and has even been listed on the Swanepoel “Power 200”, a list of the most influential people in real estate. Our guest today is Greg Robertson, Co-Founder of W+R Studios, the makers of the Cloud Agent Suite. 

In this episode, join Greg and I as we discuss how Greg’s company revolutionized CMAs and the value of agents. We also dive into what Comparative Market Analysis has become over the past thirty years and Greg’s newly released first book, The Art of the CMA. 

Top Takeaways: 

  • Greg Robertson’s Advice for New Agents
  • “Persistence, don’t quit…Showing up, doing the job, and not giving up.”
  • “You have got to have a co-founder, someone who’s with you on that journey. That helps things out a lot… No road is long with the right companion.”

“I just can’t see a world where brokers and agents aren’t needed and needed desperately.” – Greg Robertson [26:36]

“The Judo Analogy is like using its own weight against itself. If Zillow is pretty close to what you think the house is worth, well use that as a factor to boaster your own thing. If it’s not, show something to say well you know what in this neighborhood it’s off by 10% that’s why mine is too.” – Greg Robertson [30:30]

Episode Highlights:

[00:32] Intro 

[00:59] Meet Greg Robertson – Co-Founder of W+R Studios

[02:05] The Differences Between Southern California and Florida 

[04:36] Celebrities and Tech in the Event Production Space 

[08:40] Bridging the Gap for Software in Real Estate 

[10:40] How eNeighborhoods Led to the Start of W+R Studios 

[17:36] Earliest Iterations of Cloud CMA 

[22:41] Greg’s Newly Released First Book 

[24:46] The Value of Agents 

[28:44] Zillow Zestimate Judo 

[30:53] W+R Studios Transition to Lone Wolf Technologies 

[35:04] Greg’s Advice for New Agents 

[36:35] Connect with Greg 

[37:09] Outro 

Episode Notes: 

Joining us today is Greg Robertson, a software entrepreneur and Co-Founder of W+R Studios, a company known for its part in revolutionizing Comparative Market Analysis, or CMA. Originally from the Seattle, Washington, Greg Robertson moved along with family to Southern California in high school where he has spent most of his life. Greg Robertson graduated from DeVry Institute of Technology receiving a Bachelor of Science in Electronic Engineering Technology. Greg started in the event production business giving him tech experience that eventually led Greg into the real estate world. 

Teaming up with friends, Greg Robertson founded IRIS, launching a product called, “Lightning” which facilitated in accessing different MLS systems for a real estate professional audience. The company grew and made the Inc. 500 list for fastest growing companies in the country in 1999. The company was sold at the turn of the century and Greg Robertson moved to South Florida to help restart a company as the Vice President of eNeighborhoods. After rebuilding the company, eNeighborhoods was sold and in the middle of the real estate crisis of 2008, Greg Robertson and his partner founded W+R Studios. 

Cloud CMA offers a trusted and professional comparative market analysis to real estate professionals and their clients. For Greg, the value of agents in the client experience and sale is crucial and necessary for the buyer experience. Tools such as Zillow are nice to get the foundation but to have a more personal experience and knowledge of the local market will always be in demand. Greg explains that the Zillow Zestimate Judo analogy is best when using it against itself. If the Zillow Zestimate is close to what the house might be worth, it can be used to help boaster a sale. If the Zillow Zestimate is off by a percentage then that can explain the price difference as well with clients. 

After 12 years, W+R Studios was acquired in late November by Lone Wolf Technologies. Greg and his partner were able to take the first million dollars from the transition and distribute it to employees of their company helping others with their fortunate position. Greg Robertson recently released his first book titled The Art of the CMA which acts as a blueprint for people looking for opportunities with CMA done right! 

Greg Robertson’s advice to new real estate agents is to be persistent and do not quit. Greg believes people often give up too soon because it’s hard to know when you have to give up or if you should continue working hard. Greg also believes if you are looking to start a company you should consider doing so with a co-founder. Having the right companion for the journey can lead to amazing success! 

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