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How to WOW, Surprise and Amaze your Clients with Elisabeth Vezzani Ep. 15
Episode 1527th April 2021 • Fascinating Entrepreneurs • Natasha Miller
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Elisabeth Vezzani is the Co-founder and CEO of Sugarwish.

Vezzani noticed a gap in the corporate gift market and created Sugarwish, a startup that brings a revolutionary and sweet approach to gifting.

Sugarwish is a rapidly growing Denver based gifting company with a unique digital-to-physical delivery model.

Corporate gift givers can send an eCard to their co-workers, clients and prospects who are invited to visit and choose their favorite flavors of candy, cookies or popcorn. Each recipient gets exactly the gift they want - customized for them. This unique experience is powered through partnerships with an ever increasing list of specialty treat producers.

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