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GOING SOLO - David Shriner-Cahn EPISODE 66, 6th November 2020
Finding Your Golden Thread Featuring Yvonne Dam
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Finding Your Golden Thread Featuring Yvonne Dam

Yvonne Dam is an online business coach that helps driven business owners to double their turnover and not their hours.   

We discuss: 

  • A good starting point to start your own business [1:46] 
  • How to find your golden thread [4:38] 
  • Engaging with your clients first: a time-saving strategy for entrepreneurs [6:10] 
  • The one thing that makes a difference when going solo [8:23] 
  • The funny thing about removing 75% of your profit source [11:48] 
  • The strengths that will help your business flourish [15:04] 
  • Opportunity as a question of combination [18:48] 

She has over 25 years of experience in the corporate world, within Finance, HR, sales and change management. She started Amaze Yourself as she was done with being a workaholic. Little did she know that every business owner turns into a workaholic. As a recovering workaholic, she now helps driven business owners to work less and earn more. Her book: “How to improve your work-life balance - 50 proven tips”, is a good start.   

Learn more about Yvonne at https://amaze-yourself.com/book-work-life-balance/.  

Brief Description of Gift 

Yvonne’s book "How to improve your work-life balance with 50 proven tips" which is normally $30, is available when you use the code "smashing" for only $15.  

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You'll receive $5 for every sale made using that code.