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Life of an RT – an Interview with Grace Poole, Respiratory Therapist and TikTok Phenom
Episode 199th December 2021 • Found Down • Nicole Johnson
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Today I interview respiratory therapist Grace Poole about her role as an RT, how she got into it and her day to day. She gets into her amazing scope of practice and what she loves about the job. However, she does go into how the Covid-19 has changed her and the way she views her profession. Spoiler alert - it's been rough. Although, she still loves the field.

Grace uses her dark humor and insight on Tiktok and has blown up on that platform. She is very funny and candid. You should definitely follow her there @_shesaidwhat_ and on Instagram @gracesaidwhatz.

This is a pretty raw episode. Come check it out!

Stay Safe and Stay Sane,