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Malia Crouse – An Amazing Runner Giving Back to Running!
Episode 32nd December 2018 • Feel Good Running | For the Everyday Runner! • Jim Lynch
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Hello Runners,

Welcome to Episode #3 of Feel Good Running. I appreciate you listening and hope you are enjoying the podcast. I’m working hard to bring you a show that is motivating, inspirational and entertaining. There are many running podcasts out there so thanks for giving us a chance. I welcome your feedback and suggestions on possible topics. And if you like this podcast I hope you subscribe and give us a nice review.

This episode I interview my good friend Malia Crouse. Malia is actually from Maui but ventured off island to go to college and ended up in Denver for 10 years. She eventually fell into the Colorado running scene. Malia is nothing short of an outstanding runner. Fast and focused is how I would describe her. She has won the overall women in a few marathons and also has won several smaller races.

If you listened to the first two episodes, and especially Episode #1, you know that my goal for Feel Good Running is to focus on the everyday runner. Though Malia would be considered more of an elite runner compared to us mere mortal everyday runners, she gives back to the running community in so many ways.

Two years ago she moved back home to Maui and immediately immersed herself into the Maui running community. She started a little business, the Maui Running Company. She puts on two Sunday runs per month with participation not only from locals but also visitors. Malia put on an ultra event in the summer of 2018, is the Assistant Race Director of the Maui Marathon and is on the board of directors of the Valley Isle Road Runners, the local running club on Maui.

Malia is such a joy to be around, and her infectious personality will certainly rub off on you. If you are ever on Maui, treat yourself and join her run on a Sunday. I’m honored to be her friend, and I know you will enjoy my interview with her.

In addition to my interview with Malia, I talk about the Boston Marathon qualification times and a little off the subject discussion on the movie, Bohemian Rhapsody. I thought it was awesome, and Rami Malek played lead singer of Queen, Freddie Mercury just spot on. And of course we have a few running news items.

Thanks again for listening. And I always say, just "show up" and always feel good about your running!



Jim's Opening

Boston Marathon Qualification Times

Bohemian Rhapsody - Official Trailer


News Items

Sarah Smith – Fighting Cancer Running the Columbus Marathon

Whitney Black and Stephen Phillips – Getting Hitched at the Detroit Marathon

Will Smith – Havana Half Marathon – Bucket List


Malia Crouse

Maui Running Company - Pick up some Maui swag


Atlanta Marathon

Big Sur Marathon

Detroit Marathon

Hal Higdon - Training Program

Hapalua Half Marathon - The Chase

Hana Relay

Jeff Galloway - Training Program

Lifelong Endurance - Article

Maui Marathon

McMillian Running - Training Program

Nuun - Article

Runners Roost - Colorado

Valley Isle Road Runners - Maui

Xterra - Article


Malia Photos




Run when you canwalk if you have to, crawl if you must; just never give up.” - Dean Karnazes

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