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E 09 | Conjugate U With Nate Harvey
Episode 923rd June 2020 • THIRST For More Podcast • Brandon Smitley | Terre Haute Intensity Resistance and Sports Training
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0:00 – Show Intro

3:32 – Podcast begins

4:39 – How Conjugate U started

8:33 – The hurdles Nate had to overcome with implementing the conjugate system at the collegiate level

11:56 – How Nate come up with the "lanes" in his programming style

15:56 – How to phase in freshman into the Conjugate U system

19:01 – The benefits to the box squat

24:36 – What max effort movements has Nate seen big dividends from?

29:00 – How Nate goes about peaking athletes with Conjugate U

33:12 – Explaining the importance of of technique on max effort work

35:25 – Controlling rest periods with teams when using the dynamic effort method

38:23 – How Nate would use Conjugate U at the private sector

40:55 – Where to put in the Olympic variants with Conjugate U

43:33 – The use of Reflexive Performance Reset (RPR) in the collegiate setting

48:13 – Shit Sport Coaches Say

51:19 – Nate's role with Elitefts

About Nate Harvey

Instagram: @nateharvey2600


Nate Harvey, MS, CSCS, is elitefts' executive equipment specialist and brings years of experience and knowledge of athletic disciplines to our customers. Nate developed his vast athletic history as the former head strength coach of Olympic sports at The State University of New York at Buffalo. During his 10 years at UB, he coached their first-ever national champion (shot put), four team conference champions (one back-to-back), eight of the school's twelve total All-Americans, 18 Olympic trial qualifiers, over 50 individual conference champions, 16 individual national qualifiers, and over 75 individual regional qualifiers using the conjugate method. He is also a strength and conditioning consultant for the New York Jets. He was certified in Reflexive Performance Reset in February 2017. His best total is 2,450 in the 308 weight class multi-ply division. In the 275-pound class, his best total is 2,250 sans supraspinatus. His best lifts are a 1,000-pound squat, a 750-pound bench, and a 750-pound deadlift. Nate looks forward to helping address all of your equipment needs. Contact him at

Conjugate U