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054 – Into the Aquarium with Joseph Davies
30th April 2018 • Tell Tale Fisherman • John Woodson
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This is how you make your last shot count!

Guest Profile

Joseph Davies is a man of many places. Grew up in Wisconsin, lived in New Zealand, and most recently Utah. But he has wandered to many other fishing holes with his trusty fly rod. Most recently, the fishing hole was in Costa Rica. While a seasoned vet with a 5 wt., a 12 wt. was an entirely new species to Joseph. But he embraced the “telephone pole” and totally immersed himself in the fishery. The result? One of the most epic tarpon fly fishing battles you could imagine …

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Fishing experience

Joseph wasn’t much into fishing growing up in Wisconsin. It was not until he lived in New Zealand that he really began to take to the sport. But it was when he moved to Park City, Utah that the fly fishing “sickness” took over. With close access to so many incredible fly fisheries, Joseph totally immersed himself in freshwater fly fishing. The same thing happened with saltwater fly fishing when he recently got a chance to travel to Costa Rica. Now he is a saltwater big fish junkie. You’ll understand exactly why when you hear his epic tale of tarpon fly fishing.

Joseph Davies exploring the U.S. for trout on fly, and doing some serious tarpon fly fishing in Costa Rica.


This episode takes place in Costa Rica.

Catch of the Day

Tarpon – Tarpon Fly Fishing

This episode is about fly fishing for the silver king – and a really big one at that!

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