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001 - Love Yourself Back To Life - Intro
Episode 126th February 2018 • Assertive Radiance • Nadia Fleury | Alchemist
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It this podcast, Nadia Fleury gives insight into what it takes to find emotional and financial freedom.

In January 2012, she left her high-paying job to fulfill her dream of owning a skincare business. As money got tight, she not only had to deal with keeping the business going, but she also dealt with negative emotions, such as fear, anger, and hurt, all of which can get the better of you in times of financial stress.

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Nadia explains how she kept her sanity by choosing to invest in herself with the help of mentors and coaches, regardless of the cost. Throughout these podcasts, she will go into detail as to what it takes to build an enterprise from the ground up. She will share insights about what she learned and will also showcase the wisdom her mentors and coaches taught her along the way.

Nadia’s mission is to inspire you to bring awareness and insight into your life so that your tomorrow is better than your yesterday. She’ll help you release what is blocking the flow of your success and help you awaken your full potential and reconnect with your life again.

You deserve to be happy. You deserve to love yourself back to life!

If you have any questions, you can reach Nadia at this email address: