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More Gratitude, Less Attitude
Episode 19th November 2021 • Find Your Kind • Hopewell Valley Student Publications Network
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Hopewell Valley Student Podcasting Network 

Show Name: Find Your Kind

Episode 1: More Gratitude Less Attitude

Take a listen to the first episode of “Find Your Kind” the podcast where you’ll learn how to become a better person through kindness. This episode covers ways to express kindness and gratitude towards your loved ones and why it’s important to do so!

“Hello! You are listening to Find Your Kind the podcast with your host Delaney Janks. You’re currently listening to this podcast on the Hopewell Valley Student Publications Network where students come together to publish content to share with the world. Please note that the opinions expressed in this episode are mine, and mine alone. In this episode, “More Gratitude, Less Attitude, I’ll be discussing: the importance of showing kindness towards your loved ones and what you can do to achieve this!

Segment 1: Importance

  1. Why spread kindness to your loved ones?
  2. Small acts of kindness mean the most
  3. What practicing kindness within households teaches
  4. How kindness relates to lessons passed down from parents
  5. Personal story about my grandfather
  6. How my grandfather influenced my mom with his kindness
  7. Dictionary definition of kindness and what it means to me

Segment 2:  What I did for my family

  1. Going grocery shopping
  2. Cooking a meal for my family
  3. Process won’t always be easy; you’ll get frustrated!
  4. Talking with my family about the dinner and getting a chance to sit down together
  5. Impact your acts of kindness have on your siblings
  6. Writing a letter to my mom’s birth mom; brief story
  7. Driving my brother places for my parents

Segment 3:  Wrap up

  1. Expansion on the definition of kind
  2. What kindness does to the relationships with you and your loved ones
  3. Three rhetorical questions to get listeners thinking about what kindness means to them
  4. Emphasis on practicing kindness

Music Credits:  

  • Creek Whistle by Steve Adams
  • Reasons to Hope by Reed Mathis
  • Tropic by Anno Domini Beats

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