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That Mint Podcast - That Mint Podcast EPISODE 8, 7th May 2020
Episode 8 – Risk vs Reward vs Ice-cream
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Episode 8 – Risk vs Reward vs Ice-cream

In their biggest gamble to date, Cathi and Jo will try to convince you of the benefits of investing for normal people.

This ain’t no disco. This ain’t no pyramid scheme either. (This is FCA…approved.)  

Along the way Jo reveals the riskiest thing she’s ever done for an ice cream, and Cathi puts her mathematical mind against the roulette wheel.

And finally we get some pro-tips from Lee, an experienced investor and Asset Manager, who - contrary to all those stereotypes - is a warm, funny and down-to-earth guy.

It’s a topsy-turvy episode, for a topsy-turvy world. Leave your expectations at the door…