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Protect Your Business! How to Navigate Legal Landmines in Entrepreneurship | Ep. 267
Episode 26728th September 2023 • Money Talk With Tiff • Tiffany Grant
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Are you an entrepreneur looking to protect your business's intellectual property? Join Yasmine Salem Hamdan and Tiffany Grant on this episode as they discuss legal landmines that entrepreneurs need to avoid.

They emphasize the importance of trademarks, copyrights, and getting consent for content use in your paid products. Plus, Yasmine provides important tips on conducting a trademark clearance search so you don't accidentally step on someone else's toes. Tune in now for essential advice on protecting your intellectual property!

About Our Guest

Yasmine Salem Hamdan is an inspiring business lawyer, brand consultant & entrepreneur who emphasizes the importance of legal protection for entrepreneurs. She is the founder of Coaches & Company, a digital destination that provides entrepreneurs with ready-to-use legal contract templates and other premium business tools.

Drawing upon her extensive experience in representing, supporting, and consulting business owners, Yasmine founded Coaches & Company to help protect hard-working entrepreneurs from getting into sticky legal situations. Through her work, she motivates entrepreneurs to put their ideas and gifts out into the world confidently and securely.

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