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RV Maintenance Tips and Information for the DIY - Eric Stark 30th August 2021
↓Episode 88 – How to Avoid Blow Outs with Trailer Tires
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↓Episode 88 – How to Avoid Blow Outs with Trailer Tires

In episode 88 Eric Stark goes over the different types of trailer tires and potential problems that may arise with them. Eric will explain in depth why certain tires are better for your trailer and what are the common causes/signs of potential blowouts. You'll learn proper care for your tires to help increase safety, overall longevity, and learning when is the right time to replace your tires. Eric will also share good ideas to implement when purchasing tires to make sure you are staying as safe as possible. Be sure to check out the video version of this episode as well, having a visual aid is invaluable when it comes to DIY!

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