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PTP.023:“Living the Dream, to Homeless, to Having it All” with Nichole Carlson
21st June 2018 • Beyond Adversity with Dr. Brad Miller • Dr Brad Miller
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Nichole Carlson was living the American dream she had a nice suburban home a great career and salary a nice car and husband. On the outside, it looks like she had it all and yet in her inner life she craved something more a life of excitement passion and vitality.

This led her to feel absorbed by guilt and the dilemma of why did she feel so empty when she had so much.

Then her life came crashing down her mother died of cancer at age 47, which led her to contemplate the brevity of life, and in short order, her marriage failed and she ended up selling her home in her car and ended up traveling Europe on her own for a number of years. When her funds and resources dried up she found herself homeless and eating out of dumpsters in London, England. If her mother’s death was a pivotal moment to cause Nichole to search for something more out of life than a second epiphany for her occurred when she found herself standing in line to get a meal at a soup kitchen for homeless people in London. She had the realization that although she had nothing of material goods she felt alive and full of passion for life more so than she had ever felt before. It was then that she knew that she could rebuild her life based on the understanding that her personal fulfillment was not based on physical things like homes and cars but was grounded in the understanding that an attitude of gratitude and a sense of personal fulfillment all comes from within. No longer did she desperately seek fulfillment based on finding the next shiny object but she came to understand that everything that had happened to her happened for a reason. Her mother’s death released her to go live her life outside the expectations others had for her. She could do good things with her pain and it even worked on her behalf. She came to know that safety and love and security comes from within your power to create them from your thoughts and from your inner life.

Nichole tells her story to Dr. Brad Miller in episode 23 of the Pathway to Promise Podcast and goes on to outline how she now serves as a life coach to others seeking to “have it all” based on her teachings of how to flip the switch of your life and realize your potential that you can have it all in business family life health and productivity. She tells Dr. Brad that a focus on inner peace and joy is the change of mindset needed to be successful in the disciplines she teaches and integrates into the whole person into what she calls a domino effect where your inner life’s health impacts your outer life successes. Nichole is a coach and has a weekly Facebook live program called the “Flip the Switch.”  She is devoted to overcoming the misconception that coaches are there to give advice, she advocates a coach is really there to help you figure out what you want and how to make it happen.

Nichole helps people focus not on their problems but focus on the solutions to the problems. Nichole offers great advice to those who suffer from a sense of meaninglessness in their life even when by all appearances, they have success. Nichole provides wonderful practical training in personal life transformation.

Also in Episode 23 of the Pathway to Promise Podcast Scott Maderer from Inspired Stewardship stops by to provide training, inspiration and pragmatic steps to take to help people climb out of the mountain of debt.

Episode 23 of the Pathway to Promise Podcast with Dr. Brad Miller is for you if you are in search of practical advice on how to change your life for the better.

The worldview of the Pathway to Promise Podcasts is it every person has a God-given promised like the peace prosperity and purpose in you must follow planned path to quickly overcome profound life challenges to achieve that promised life.  The Pathway to Promise Podcast integrates practical teaching by Dr. Brad Miller with inspirational interviews with experts, authors and thought leaders in the field of life transformation.

Dr. Brad Miller

June 2018

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