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The Toughest Mental Players
6th December 2022 • Tennis: Beyond the Court • Hopewell Valley Student Publications Network
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Show Name: Tennis Beyond The Court

Episode Title: The Best Mentally Tough Players and Skills

You are listening to Tennis Beyond The Court, the podcast with your host __Bradley Deeds.

In this episode of _Tennis Beyond The Court the Podcast we discuss: The studies of mental toughness, the best mentally tough players and another amazing match in 2022!

Segment 1: History:

The Studies On Mental Toughness:

  • Many people believe that tennis is just a sport of physicality, but if you really sit down and ask yourself, are you mentally tough, it is many components that make you mentally tough
  • There are many players that could make it to the top, but they will never be able to switch their confidence and mental toughness around to be the top guys because that is the last step for success. 

Segment 2: The Best Mentally Tough Players and Two that are the Opposite 

  • Novak Djockivic - He is one of the most solid players on the tour both physically and mentally. You will never ever know if he is breaking down or not. This component is truly what makes him so good and unable to beat at most times. 
  • Rafael Nadal - he is absolutely the mentally toughest player on the tour and to ever play the game.He came up from nothing and worked harder than anyone to get to the top. He fights for every single point and that is a fact. You will never see him losing points on purpose and playing him is a marathon. 
  • Benoit Paire and Fabio Fognini - he is so talented as a player but everyone knows he will never reach his max potential due to his mental side of the game. He really plays amazing, but whenever things start to not go his way or Fabio’s, they both slam balls, yell at the line judges and they break down completely and end up losing no matter what the score is or who they are playing on the tour. 

Segment Three: Amazing Matches of 2022

Who - Jannik Sinner and Felix Auger Allisasme.

What - Davis Cup Final

Where - Canada

When - 2022, November 

How - Both of these guys beat numerous countries to make it here and they played their heart out to reach this point for them and their country and team on the sideline. Felix was playing this match to win the entire event and he ended up losing the first set in a heartbreaking turn around from Sinner, 6-3 after Felix was up 3-1. Felix sat down with his coach and he said, “only focus on yourself and your chance goes up 50 percent from the start”. This quote made Felix play every point like it was his last and he ended up clinching the title 7-5 in a third set and it was Canada’s first ever Davis Cup Title!!