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173 Wild Mercy with Mirabai Starr
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173 Wild Mercy with Mirabai Starr

Hello Well Women!

On the Well Woman Show this week, I interview Mirabai Starr. Mirabai is an award-winning author of creative non-fiction and contemporary translations of sacred literature.
On this episode we talk about:

-Your connection to the rising of women’s voices & women’s wisdom, whether you are male or female or any gender
-Opening to the wisdom at the heart of all spiritual paths
-Empowerment to step up in response to the cries of the world & find your own true invitation to be of service

You can find all the info and links mentioned today at www.wellwomanlife.com/173show

If you would like to purchase Mirabai’s book, you can do so on Amazon, or visit your local bookstore and ask them to order you a copy!

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