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Episode 164: 23-Day Alaskan Wilderness Survival: Interview – Tyson Steele
Episode 1648th April 2020 • Love Your Story • Lori Lee
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Episode 164: 23-Day Alaskan Wilderness Survival: Interview - Tyson Steele

His last semester of grad school Tiberius Steele lived in his car. When the university revoked all the grad student teaching scholarships he was forced to find a way to continue on with his schooling, but he couldn’t afford rent, so Tyson removed the passenger seat from his tiny Hyundai Accent, built a bed where the seat had been and parked up the canyon at nights. “It was great,” he said, “No rent, fresh mountain air. From that point on I was hooked on the idea of budget, small living.”

But that’s just the beginning. How do we get from here to surviving in the Alaskan wilderness—in the lowlands south of Denali National Park, for 23 days in below freezing temperatures after his home burnt to the ground, killing his best friend and dog - a lab who had been with him through six years of rough living, and eating from burned out cans of food with melted plastic in them from the fire that decimated all his belongings?

Tune into the audio program for my interview with Tiberius Steele - mountain man, survivor, poet, hermit, and teacher.

To follow Tyson on social media:

Instagram: @homesteadalaska

You can also find him on YouTube.

Tyson made his way through very dark days of cold, hunger and deprivation. What was the key? He says it was looking for the beauty around him - focusing on the northern lights, looking a moose in the eyes, noticing the beautiful countryside and singing to himself.