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Episode 23 – with special guest, Pastor Bill Tucker: “Moving through the loss of a child.”
25th August 2016 • Your Blessed Life • Jay Maresh
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Pastor Bill Tucker gets very real and personal as he shares about the loss of his son to suicide.

This episode will touch your heart as Pastor Bill Tucker opens up about how the loss of his son effected him, his family, his church, and those around him.

In this episode we will look at:

– How to move through the loss of a loved one as an individual as well as a family unit.

– What is it you can do to regain and renew your hope in the midst of despair.

– What is the hope that even in tn the midst of the loss of his son, puts a smile on Pastor Bill Tucker’s face.

– What does it mean to be ‘entrapped by sin.’

– What it means to be angry with God, but to still trust him.

-How your past experiences with God can help you endure a season of struggle.

– How struggle can open the door to more opportunities of; love, connection, and ministry.

– How text messages have created a ‘mastermind’ network of support.

– Can you be ‘binary’ in your thinking and still engage others?

Romans 8- ‘Delivered from bondage & Your victory in Christ. 

Ephesians 2 – ‘Made alive in Christ.’

John 6:68 – ‘Confession of Faith.’

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Books recommended in the episode: