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The Content Repurposing Mindset
Episode 11419th December 2019 • The Content 10x Podcast • Amy Woods
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Mindset plays such an important part in our lives. Some would argue that mindset is the one thing that truly sets apart those who achieve their goals in life, with those who don’t.

Mindset is a belief that guides us in making decisions and helps us with handling situations. Mindset helps us frame situations, process information and it can help, or hinder, our progress. 

But have you ever heard of a content repurposing mindset?

Did you know that to be successful with content repurposing it’s as much about mindset as it is knowledge of what, when, and how to repurpose?

But what is a content repurposing mindset? How do you apply it?

Listen in to hear:

  • What a content repurposing mindset is
  • Why mindset is important when it comes to repurposing
  • Why you should view your content like a start up

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