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Navigating Ghana's Property Landscape: A Special Conversation with Samuel Leeds
Episode 17823rd May 2024 • The Sound of Accra Podcast • Adrian Daniels
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In this special interview on The Sound of Accra Podcast, Adrian sits down with property millionaire Samuel Leeds. He is an experienced property investor, TV Landlord and entrepreneur with a passion for big dreams and aspirations. His advice to start small and build up comes from his own experience in making mistakes on first projects and the huge amount of planning required for large ventures. 

We dive into Samuel's experiences and observations in Ghana, exploring the country's development, investment opportunities, and challenges in the real estate industry. From discussing the benefits of traveling to Accra to the intricacies of property ownership and renting, this engaging conversation covers a wide range of topics. Furthermore, we explore his involvement in property investments and his dedication to helping others achieve financial freedom through real estate. This is an enlightening discussion that encapsulates the essence of investment in Africa and beyond.

We uncover:

  • Ghana: Leeds highlights the country's development, accessibility for investment, and its increasing appeal as a holiday destination

  • Real Estate: We discuss diverse property investment strategies, challenges, and success stories, offering valuable insights for aspiring investors

  • Global Expansion: Samuel shares his experiences in investing in various countries across the world, emphasising the importance of strategic diversification and mitigating risks.

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Topics (Timestamps)

00:00 Intro

05:01 Start small, build up for ambitious projects.

08:44 Experience and knowledge are more important than money.

10:46 Investing in Ghana is accessible and easy.

13:12 Discussion on Ghanaian diaspora and property affordability.

16:15 Rich people busy, investing, facing hierarchy.

22:32 Diversifying investments strategically with full control.

23:30 Smart move to invest in trustworthy developers.

29:20 Season 5 interview: SESO Global land acquisition in Ghana

31:45 Investing strategically internationally in property development business.

34:53 Similar occupancy rates and pricing in different locations.

36:30 Land value increased significantly, missed investment opportunity.

39:22 Samuel shares advice and future plans.


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