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The No Head-Trash Nation - Greg Yates EPISODE 54, 28th November 2019
EP 54 | Thankful Despite the Head-Trash
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EP 54 | Thankful Despite the Head-Trash

Sometimes I pay attention to dead authors, poets and heroes of the past. 

Sometimes, I don’t.  Even on Thanksgiving…

Why am I thankful, despite the Head-Trash? It’s simple really. 

I’m not dead. There’s still time (and I hope I don’t lose sight of that fact). Everything I dream of doing will be done in this life and I’ve still got a chance to do it.  

I’m thankful.

I looked in the mirror this morning and realized I care less about what I see in there than I cared a year ago. I reached for a towel to clean the same spots on the same mirror and the déjà vu of it fuels the desperation - to do something different. 

·        To break the pattern.

·        To change how I spend my energy on this racetrack of blood vessels and heartbeats.

Do you ever feel you’re drowning in expectations you have no idea how to satisfy? 

I’ve got tomorrow’s LIST already started… do you? 

The strange thing, (whether you believe it or not YET)… is there will come a day when it’s more important what you can get rid of than what you can accumulate… that’s how you know you’re beginning to cross over from hamster wheel to solid ground. 

That’s when you wish you had a filter for the head trash so you could do the important, maybe ONLY the important, and have a thanksgiving that doesn’t evaporate in a day.

I only hope it’s not too late. For you and for me. 

With the words of dead authors, poets and speakers ringing in my ears, I make this vow.

I will live in the Spirit of destiny, forgetting what is behind, abandoning myself to pursue the unknown where the atrocity of living cannot reach me for, I have abandoned the guilt and duty of an ordinary life.

Go with me. Live in the glimpse of broken reality. Stop forging the chains and break them. The most irresponsible life is the untested spirit of a Kingdom warrior trapped in an unbelieving host.  

That, my friends, is the greatest head-trash of them all. It’s the greatest atrocity and it offers us the greatest opportunity of our lives.  

In the middle of the Head-Trash… we can be thankful. 


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