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Female Entrepreneur Musician with Bree Noble - Bree Noble 13th January 2017
FEM70 Why Your Music Goals And Objectives Are Stressing You Out
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FEM70 Why Your Music Goals And Objectives Are Stressing You Out

As musicians and business owners, we often find ourselves stressing out about our music goals and objectives. Setting the right goals and having clear objectives is how we create success in our musician businesses.

Often times, we don’t think of ourselves as business owners as well as musicians. Because of this, I am thrilled to be offering my Get More Done In Less Time Challenge starting on January 23. In this challenge, we will identify how to create music goals with clear objectives. My plan is to offer this challenge at least twice a year so I can help you grow your musician business!

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 About Music Goals:

  • Music Goals are never completely stress free.
  • You need a reward, like a beacon in the night or light at the end of the tunnel.
  • Making the right kind of goals makes all the difference.
  • Goals should be SMART. Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound.

About Objectives/Projects:

  • Something you do to reach a music goal.
  • Gives you confidence and momentum to reach the goal
  • You have control over projects and getting them done
  • Cannot be measured, they are more like things on a To-Do List

music goals and projects

For example:

Your goal: Increase income by 50% in 180 days.

Sounds hefty right? Let’s break it down further. How do you do that?

-Release an album in 3 months.

  1. You need to write at least 5 songs in a month and a half
  2. Set up recording time
  3. Put album on iTunes

-Enroll 5 new students in your vocal sessions.

  1. Advertise
  2. Reach out to colleagues and peers
  3. Look for referrals

Attaching your goal to accountability is imperative. In order to increase your income, now you have a clear set of objectives lined up as stepping stones to get you there. Also think about what the goal means to you. Why do you want or need your income to increase by 50%? Are you going to quit your day job? Save for vacation? You get the idea. You can learn more about SMART goal setting here.

Join us for our next Get More Done In Less Time (And Grow Your Musician Business) Challenge:

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