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Gains Over Gaps ~ Coffee Break
19th December 2018 • iCreateDaily Podcast • iCreateDaily Podcast
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Focusing on Gains Over Gaps

We all live busy lives creating, working, building new things, supporting families, dealing with hardships, and living life. Sometimes we can feel like we’re spinning in circles and not getting much accomplished.

Dan Sullivan first coined the concept:

“Focus on the gains over gaps.”

In a nutshell, the idea is to reflect and list down what you have accomplished, while avoiding thoughts of ‘Oh but I could have done more…” or ‘Yes, but I didn’t do these other things.’ 

It can be a powerful way to quickly reenergize and get back in the mindset of moving forward

Topics Discussed:

  • Focus on the wins
  • iWinDaily
  • Comfort zones and gratitude
  • Creating daily
  • List of what we’ve done this year
  • Leveraging republishing content
  • New projects we started
  • Virtual team members we work with
  • Brand growth
  • Overcoming roadblocks
  • Conferences vs strategically hiring consultants
“Each day you create, you’re winning.” 
~LeAura Alderson, American entrepreneur, writer, publisher,
“Creating daily becomes a new comfortable.”
~Devani Anjali Alderson, Indian-born American entrepreneur, writer, publisher,
“When you focus on the wins, it gives you fuel for more wins.” 
~LeAura Alderson, American entrepreneur, writer, publisher,


The Gap and The Gain by Dan Sullivan

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